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what is a plastic extrusion machine

What is a Plastic Extruder Machine?

From standard tubing used in manufacturing to more common household items, the products created from extruding plastic are often seen in today’s society. Less common, however, is thought or understand about the process and specifically extruders machines that create them. Those looking for the end result of products created from extruding plastic may not spend too much time thinking about the process that goes into creating these. However, in order to understand the benefits of the process and working with a trusted manufacturer like Rocal Extrusions, it’s useful to understand what a plastic extruder machine is and how it works. The machinery itself may look and sound complex, but the actual process involved in an extruder machine extruding plastic is relatively simple. We’ll help you understand the process involved so you can better appreciate the benefits and advantages of working with the products that are created from extruder machines. How Do Extruder Machines Work? Put very simply, the way in which extruder machines are responsible for extruding plastics is a straightforward process. You put in raw materials and the extruded plastic product comes out. However, there are more technical aspects of the process that are key to understand. At one...

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Rocal’s Charity Golf Day

Our first Rocal Charity Golf Day took place at Elsham Golf Club, near Brigg this month. The near perfect conditions made it a wonderful day beginning with bacon sandwiches, and ending with pie and chips and an exciting awards ceremony. The day supported our chosen charity Victim Support, who provide specialist practical and emotional support to victims and witnesses of crime. A fantastic grand total of £1500 was raised from our 48 contestants and sponsors which included ERA Home Security, Metsa Wood, 3D Laminates, Winkhaus UK and Mila Hardware. Included in the day were several competitions, including nearest the pin, longest drive, a putting competition and an organised Hole-In-One competition with a prize of £20,000! But the winning team of Richard Cole, Matt Janicki (Rehau), Guy Hubble and Paul Edwards (RegaLead) managed to put our Rocal Golfers to shame winning the overall team event with a score of 90 stableford points. Our 48 contestants were a mix of customers and suppliers from the range of Rocal companies and all took the opportunity to network, meet new people and polish up their golf skills. To finish our Golf Day, a raffle took place which included prizes such as a golf lesson...

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Introducing: RocFoam

We are proud to introduce an innovative new product that we at Rocal Extrusions have been developing for many years – RocFoam. A vinyl-based cellular thermoplastic extrusion that has been used in our products for the last three years, it is primarily used as a timber alternative, offering excellent timber-like qualities. While timber is a popular material to use, our new RocFoam product provides all the benefits of timber, removing many of its disadvantages, improving longevity and thermal efficiency. Features and Applications of RocFoam RocFoam is made to measure, which means each project receives a bespoke, custom-made product manufactured to your exact requirements. It is available in a range of sizes up to 120mm. You can get RocFoam to fill any length, making its use in projects and developments easier and faster. With each order benefitting from complete customisation, you are certain to meet the requirements of any project. At Rocal Extrusions, we want to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible, which is why we wanted to develop a product which can be used for any number of purposes. It is suitable for developments that call for weather resistance and low maintenance. The main application for our RocFoam...


Rocal Extrusions: Standard Profiles Available

Sometimes, a bespoke plastic extrusion isn’t required, which is why at Rocal Extrusions we produce a wide range of standard plastic profiles that are ready to order. Over the past decade and more, we’ve evolved and now provide a range of finishes, colours, wrapping and secondary operations. Our custom tooling options are impressive and extensive, but we understand they are not always required. Sometimes a standard profile will do the job more effectively. We have the tooling available to produce a variety of standard plastic profiles, meaning that we’re able to turn an order around quicker than many of our competitors. By choosing Rocal, your project will be handled wholly by our team at part of our comprehensive service. This means that not only do you benefit from faster lead times and a more cost-effective service, since we complete it all on-site and never outsource, but you’ll also enjoy our expertise all through the process. This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking for a company that you can rely on and trust to get your plastic extrusions to you on time and in budget. A Selection of Rocal’s Standard Plastic Extrusion Profiles Corners J Sections Angles Cornice H-Sections Capping T-Trims...

development of rocal extrusions

The Development of Rocal Extrusions

Since being established in 2009, Rocal Extrusions has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the key players in the extrusions industry with market-leading profiles and products. Rocal was originally established in 1993 as a manufacturer of door panels. Rocal Extrusions was born from this to manufacture a variety of plastic extrusions for a range of different industries, purposes and uses. Over the past 9 years, Rocal Extrusions has evolved and no longer only manufactures plastic extrusions but also provides custom tooling alongside a range of finishes, colours, wrapping and secondary operations. The uses of plastic extrusions are endless, and many of the products we manufacture are used day in day out in everyday life. How Have Rocal Extrusions Evolved? In 2009 we started up with just one plastic extrusion line. Product development has always been and will continue to be a key element of our expansion.We chose not to rely on standard profiles and products but instead expanded to have a production unit which now holds 9 plastic extrusion lines and a tool making department. We are one of the only plastic extrusion manufacturers in the UK to offer wrapping and foiling services. We have also developed our...

Plastic Extrusions

Plastic Extrusions within the Leisure Home Industry

We all use plastic extrusions in our day to day life without realising it. Today, with clever new machinery and techniques, more and more sections of production are switching to plastic due to its durable and lightweight qualities. One industry in particular taking advantage of plastic extrusions is leisure homes. Used in a wide range of industries, the plastic extrusion process dates back to the early 19th century and continues to be improved upon and perfected year after year by leading companies and innovators such as our team at Rocal Extrusions. The main advantage of plastic extrusions is that they can be produced in a continuous shape or profile. What Products are Created using Plastic Extrusion? You may not know this, but you come across products created from plastic extrusions on a regular basis. Solid shapes: This covers items such as plastic decking, outdoor furniture and park benches. There is a long list of items that are created in this way which can be found in retail, hospitality, business and lots more. Profile shapes: Windshield wipers, plastic rain deflectors and gutters and automotive trim are all examples of profile shapes created using plastic extrusion. Day to day items that you...

Launching rain deflectors

Launch of Rain Deflector in 17 Colours!

We are pleased to announce that Rocal Extrusions have launched their Rain Deflector to the trade available in ready-to-use packs. Our diverse range of colours are guaranteed to perfectly complement composite and uPVC doors! The lack of colours to choose from is no longer an issue, as Rocal offer 17 shades to choose from. The new product provides an opportunity to ensure consistency with your modern door design. Matching the tones and hues to add a seamless look that creates the ultimate end result. Whether you are fitting your Rain Deflectors to a composite or uPVC door it will help to further define your doors from the rest. Our Rain Deflectors are intelligently designed to make for an excellent addition to a range of types of door. We have a range of Rain Deflectors that are extremely popular and sought after. Get in touch to place your order today. Plastic extrusions are found in a number of products and industries, with plastic becoming ever popular due to its lightweight and flexible properties. Rain Deflectors Offering a Flexible and Practical Solution Our new packs mean you have the flexibility to order several different colours at once, and also receive the matching...

bespoke plastic extrusion finishes

Bespoke Finishes for your Plastic Extrusions

We understand the need for individuality within an increasingly competitive market, which is why we offer wrapped or foiled plastic extrusions. Whether you’re looking for a metallic finish, extra glossy or a wood effect, we can ensure your plastic extrusions will match your product. Applications for wrapped and foiled plastic extrusions are endless. They can create the perfect tool for fixing panels together or form a curved edge on a corner of furniture. The end result is a plastic extrusion you can either blend in perfectly or stands out for a fabulous effect. Our custom tooling makes it easier than you might have thought to add the finishing touch to your extruded plastic profiles. Plus, at Rocal, we complete the entire process on-site. This allows faster lead times for our creations since we don’t outsource any part of our plastic extrusion manufacturing. This also means the cost is lower, and we pass these savings on to you when you choose us for your bespoke finishes for your plastic extrusions. Popular within the leisure home industry, our range of woodgrain effects will compliment your product design effortlessly; we can even match your current vinyl uses. Looking for a flexible t-trim? It no...

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New Partner of Plastik City

Rocal Extrusions are now a proud partner of Plastik City, within their Pipe, Profile and Sheet Extrusion section. As one of the 6 partners within Extrusions, we can now provide you with even more competitive quotations, and you’ll see how our extensive services are unique to other Plastic Extrusion Manufacturers in the UK.   Take full advantage of our low-cost custom tooling facilities and in-house design team to create your perfect bespoke plastic extrusion. Or, if you are just looking for something standard, we have a fantastic range of wraps and foils to give you a unique finish to seamlessly fit into your products. Our unique vinyl based cellular thermoplastic, RocFoam, is a moisture resistant material which can be used as a direct replacement for timber, cedar and other materials prone to warping and rotting. RocFoam is unlike any other product within the UK! Don’t delay – speak to us about your production and let our friendly and knowledgeable team help you on your journey to unique plastic extrusions!

RocFoam properties


Designed as a direct replacement of timber, RocFoam has multiple applications within a wide range of industries! A vinyl based cellular thermoplastic extrusion, RocFoam can be supplied to your bespoke project and will alleviate many disadvantages that timber possesses. RocFoam’s lightweight and moisture resistant properties create an all-weather resilient material– making it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor uses. It will not rot and is not susceptible to water ingress or expanding. It doesn’t matter if you use RocFoam hidden within your product, or on the exterior as it can be painted to your desired colour to blend in. And without the knots and inconsistencies which timber has, you know you’ll have a strong, consistent material to use within your production. Applications for RocFoam include being a moisture resistant barrier within doors, for outdoor furniture, within frames in motorhomes and other leisure homes, bases for outdoor buildings and any other uses of timber! Planed or unplaned, we can manufacture to any length and already have a range of sizes readily available, including rebated sections. Choose RocFoam for creating a sustainable product and to eliminate your issues with timber. Ask for your sample pack today.