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plastic extrusion standard profile

Whilst our team specialise in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke plastic profiles, sometimes a unique profile is simply not required. With over a decade in manufacturing extruded plastic profiles, we have developed over 700 tools that have been designed to produce an extensive range of rigid, flexible and tube standard profiles.

Such is the versatility offered by our existing tool offering, we are happy to offer a range of standard profile plastic extrusions without the costs associated with bespoke tooling and development.

Key Features of our Standard Profiles

plastic extrusion moisture free

Massive Colour Range

Allowing for a great variety of applications across our range of standard profiles, we offer a larger selection of colours. Matching the decorative style of your project, our colour selection will allow a seamless transition between our extrusions and the property they are being integrated too.

plastic extrusion lightweight but strong

Rigid/Flexible Profiles

Rocal Extrusions can manufacture a range of rigid plastic extrusions which are designed to give a truly durable, long lasting performance for their range of applications. Flexible profiles will provide equally high performance, perfectly manufactured for the purposes they are required for.

plastic extrusion adaptable and workable


Ideal as a replacement for structural timber in applications where moisture can be an issue, TimbPlas profiles will match timber sizes while delivering a durable performance. We have ensured that the standard profiles of our TimbPlas will never rot, swell or degrade, for a long lasting performance.

plastic extrusion maintenance free


Standard profiles are ideal for customers who are looking for a fast turnaround for their extrusions. Although a massive range of profiles are on offer for our standard profiles, they are easy to manufacture, ensuring that we can deliver them to customers rapidly and cost effectively.

standard profiles extruded plastic

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Standard Profile Prices

We offer a combination of both standard and bespoke flexible plastic extrusion profiles for customers across the UK. We might just have standard profiles that suit your requirements perfectly already. If not, our bespoke flexible plastic extrusions will fit perfectly with any customers specifications, being made to measure.

You can contact us online for a fast and accurate standard profiles quotes. It couldn’t be easier, with our online contact form allowing you to receive a quote in no time at all. Request your extrusion quote today!

Standard Profiles
Rigid Plastic Extrusions

Whatever the material, colour or finish you require, our range of standard profiles is extensive. From simple T-Sections to more intricate designs and tubes, you may find your ideal plastic extrusion is already part of our range.

Download our Standard Rigid Extrusions catalogue to see if we already have a plastic extrusion that meets your desired application.

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Our Profiles

rigid plastic extrusion tubing

Standard Profiles Plastic Tubes

Over our many years in manufacturing rigid and flexible plastic tubes, we have developed an extensive range of tools that are used in their production.

Whether you are looking for a flexible or ridged, thin or thick tube profile, we may already have a plastic extrusion that delivers what you need.

Extrusions Products

Standard Profiles TimbPlas

Used mainly as a direct replacement for structural timber in settings where moisture may cause issues, we have developed a range of standard TimbPlas profiles that match the commonly used timber sizes.

We also have a range of standard component parts that have proven useful to our customers in a range of different industries and applications.

All of our standard TimbPlas profiles and components parts are guaranteed never to rot, swell or degrade and offer superior screw holding and bonding properties to timber.

Standard Profiles Flexible Plastic Extrusions

Our range of standard flexible plastic profiles includes a range of gaskets, trims and cappings to connect, protect or seal your products.

Download our Standard Flexible Plastic Extrusions catalogue to find out if we already offer a profile that meets your needs.

plastic extrusion pipe


plastic extrusions


Promotional presentation for Rocal Extrusions with information about our company and services.

timber like plastic extrusion


Promotional presentation for the TimbPlas product including USPs and Case Studies.

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Our list of standard profiles that are readily available.

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