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Designing Custom Profiles

It seems so easy to order standard plastic extrusions which you have to bend and change to fit into your product, and then have to pay the same expensive price to go through the process again! But what happens when you don’t want to be standard, and want your own custom tool which slots perfectly into place each time? That’s when our low-cost custom tooling for plastic extrusions comes in. Working with our experienced production team to design and create your own custom tool for a profile you can order over and over again – it’s super simple. First, come to us with your concept or design, what key features does it need to have We’ll advise you on shape, measurements and material to ensure its fully customised to your production. Choose your colour and finish, and if you want tape – we can add that too. Our toolmaker will draw your design up and send it back to you for approval. Tooling only takes up to 4 working weeks to engineer, and when completed, we’ll send the trials to you. Happy? This is now a profile you can order over and over again! Change your colour and finish to...

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Why we Focus on Product Development

Since starting up in 2009 with just one plastic extrusion line, product development has always been a key element of Rocal Extrusions expansion. We’ve chosen not to rely on standard profiles and the same products, but instead diversified to have a production unit which now holds 9 extrusion lines and a tool making department. Our investment into product development has enabled us to become one of the only plastic extrusion manufacturers in the UK to offer wrapping and foiling services. As well, we developed of our unique timber replacement material; RocFoam. We’ve invested time, money and resources into our workforce and machinery, and our diverse product range certainly reflects that! Here at Rocal Extrusions, work even more closely than the standard supplier to our customers to really understand their use for our plastic extrusions. We develop ways to make their production easier, whether that’s a shape or by us adding a process that helps to reduce our customers’ production times. The UK Manufacturing market is at a high and showing no signs of slowing down – and neither are we! We want to continue to support the British market and help to eliminate those costs of importing and minimise those...

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Lets Wrap It Up!

Woodgrain, embossed, speckled or gloss? We can wrap your plastic extrusion so it’s perfectly placed in your finished project! Gone are the days of a plastic corner or H-section sticking out like a sore thumb with their block colours; you can now have a high-quality extrusion that makes your end result stand out from the rest. As the desire for unique and modern designs rapidly increases, we can provide you with the right product to make your customers’ heads turn. Here at Rocal Extrusions, we have both online and offline wrapping for your plastic extrusion which means that we can save time and be more efficient as your extrusions can be made here, and wrapped within one process, then swiftly delivered to your factory. One of our most popular wrapped product is flexible t-trim which can be foiled to create a sleek edging on your end product – perfect for interior or furnishings! Have your own extrusions to wrap? You can send us your profiles, and we can wrap them here at Rocal Extrusions and then deliver them back. This can include skirting, architrave, window board and more, and because of our facilities to slice wraps into various sizes, you...

Rocal Extrusions Custom Made Plastic Extrusion

Custom-Made Plastic Extrusions

There are a lot of plastic extrusion manufacturers in the UK, all with different systems and some services. However, the difference that separates us from the others is our capabilities to tailor your orders precisely to what you need. Whether you are looking for a one-off run, or consistent repeat orders, we understand your passion for being unique. That is exactly why we pride ourselves on giving you a bespoke service, which starts with your ideas. This means, you can stop looking around for an extrusion that “might fit” or “will just have to do”. And you can stop paying for an overpriced stocked product in unnecessarily large quantities. Instead, you can work with our established Rocal Extrusions team, which includes a highly experienced tool-maker, and the facility to colour match for that perfect touch, to create your individual product. Bespoke Creations Our custom tooling machinery allows us to turn around jobs better, faster and more reliably than other plastic extrusion manufacturers around. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way, from start to finish, to put together your custom-made plastic extrusion. Beginning with CAD design to design your profile, we work with you to get the best measurements,...

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RocFoam: Making your doors moisture resistant!

We are proud to introduce our exclusive RocFoam technology: a result of our 13 years of experience in plastic extrusions and composite doors. Our innovative RocFoam is a unique direct replacement for timber. This vinyl based cellular thermoplastic extrusion has been developed by us at Rocal for a variety of different uses and applications within many industries. RocFoam can be used to replace timber, offering most of the same advantages without any weaknesses. RocFoam offers many technical benefits. It is extremely lightweight where timber is not and is also completely moisture resistant. It will not expand when exposed to water in any situation, even in the most adverse weather conditions. Moreover, it is also entirely resistant to changes in temperature and does not rot. RocFoam is also highly customisable and can easily be painted. It offers a good screw fixing and has good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces. All in all, this innovative creation is extremely versatile and offers modern performance benefits that other commonly used natural materials do not. Here at Rocal Group, we now use RocFoam in all of our composite doors, as well as in our moisture resistant internal doors.  This is due to it...

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Reasons to choose us

Things we do well at Rocal Extrusions Ltd   No job is too small Whether your project is big or small, we can help! With short and long batch runs available, we have a great flexibility on orders and production. Customise your own profiles We have our own custom tooling facility with over 500 profiles already used in production. Our excellent facilities allow us to create custom tooling just for you. From rough sketches to using CAD, the end result is an extrusion that you can rely on, and a profile that’s unique to you. Create a bespoke finish Bored of the same plastic exterior? Want a more professional finish? We can wrap your extrusions to perfectly match your specific project! With a wide array of vinyl and foils available, we offer a truly bespoke service. Supply us with your own extrusions to wrap, or better yet, let us do the whole job for you! Leave the hard part to us. Choose your colour Here at Rocal Extrusions, we work closely with our PVC supplier to ensure that the colour you want is perfectly matched to your specification. Not interested in colour? We can also provide clear and frosted PVC!...