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Window & Door Fabricators

Rocal Extrusions have worked with a number of window and door fabricators to manufacture profiles including couplers, rain deflectors and reinforcement.As customer demand for different colours increases, we can ensure that your trims match your main products, leaving your customers with more choice from your business.

Our high quality finishes are completely weatherproof, and it’s not just plastic extrusions we can apply these to. Enquire about having your own profiles wrapped by our offline wrapping team.

We have our own custom tooling facilities mean you don’t have to stick to standard profiles for your doors and windows. Here at Rocal Extrusions, we’ll work with you to design the best profile for your individual product, giving you the unique edge over the competition.Not only do we manufacture plastic extrusions, but we also manufacture our own timber replacement product, RocFoam. This is used within our sister company Endurance Doors, to create the most solid and secure door on the market. Its moisture resistant properties make it the perfect replacement for a timber frame for both composite and internal doors.

Leisure Home Industry

We work with the top manufacturers of caravans and leisure homes in the UK to create standard and bespoke profiles.

Rocal Extrusions have years of experience within this industry which allows us to be one of the top suppliers of plastic extrusions, working with manufacturers to extrude plastic extrusions which are tailored to each range of caravans and leisure homes.

Our wrapping and foiling facilities allow Rocal Extrusions to create that perfect finish which blends in seamlessly with designers’ current trends to create solid and stylish end products. We can wrap plastic extrusions on our designated extrusion line, or use our offline wrapping team for those more complex profiles.

Leisure Home Industry

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have an extensive range of vinyl’s, wraps and foils available; and we can even match your current chosen design.

Within the structures of static caravans, tourers, garden pods and motorhomes, RocFoam is now commonly used to replace timber, especially within frames. Its moisture resistant properties help to alleviate those warping and leaking troubles which used to plague the industry.

RocFoam has a good screw fixing and we can now manufacture different profile shapes up to 100mm. Available in lengths up to 6m, RocFoam can help to decrease the number of quality problems and prolong the life of the leisure home.

RocFoam vinyls wraps and foils

POS & Retail

If you want your product to stand out for high quality and unique design – we manufacture plastic extrusions to suit your individual project. For POS and retail projects, plastic extrusions can be used in a number of applications, either within the structure, or customer facing for effect.

Our hot stamp foiling extrusion line can put metallic, glossy, woodgrain, or any other effect onto our plastic extrusions with a high-quality finish.

Our huge range of colours and effects, and also the option to colour match, means we can manufacture all your plastic extrusion needs to create a solid, steady and visually impactful POS or product ready for the consumers in the retail industry.

We use a range of materials and can manufacture co-extruded plastic extrusion. And our low-cost custom tooling means you can afford to design profiles for each project, and not rely on standard profiles which may be ill-fitting.

Modular Buildings

The modular building sector is growing at a fast pace, and now with complete towers including flats and hotels using the modular construction technique, there is an even bigger demand for high quality components, such as plastic extrusions.

We manufacture standard profiles such as angles, T sections, H sections and skirting. These are readily available to order and can be extruded to any length up to 6m for ease in your production.

If you’re just working on a one-off bespoke project, then Rocal Extrusions can work with you to design your own profiles within our custom tooling facilities. We work from conception to completion to guide you every step of the way with our expert knowledge.

We understand the need for your trims to blend in, that’s why we offer you wrapped extrusions to match your panels and over vinyl’s, as well as offering our wrapping services to your own extrusions including MDF and aluminium.

Building and Construction

Rocal Extrusions can manufacture all plastic extrusions for your building and construction needs including for housing, frames, cladding, roofing, windows and more.

We work with you to ensure the right material is used, colours can be matched, and the extrusion is fit for purpose before we even extrude.

Our team of in-house experts can help to create trims, partitions, angles, supports, reinforcement, tubes and many other plastic extrusions designed for your production.

Our RocFoam is a perfect substitute for timber within the building industry, as it can create a moisture resistant barrier which is lightweight, has a good screw fixing, and will not rot. Customised rebated profiles are also available as well as cills and circles, and we are always developing new profiles.


Our plastic extrusions are used extensively across various industries here in the UK. A significant portion of these are used with building & construction, as well as general engineering work across the country.

Other industries that use our plastic extrusions include exploration and horticulture among other elements of the environment and outdoors. However, you could also see our plastic extrusions in your day to day working life, with industry use in lighting, medical, office furniture and packaging cores. At the weekend, you may notice Rocal’s work in retail & display, as well as sport & leisure.

However, our plastic extrusions and plastic tooling could feature much closer to home, with uses in motorhomes and caravans, as well as general transport and motoring up and down the country.


If you know what you are looking for and just need a price for your plastic extrusions, why not send us your drawing and we will provide a quote within 24 hours