RocFoam: Making your doors moisture resistant!

RocFoam examples

RocFoam Introducing our exclusive RocFoam technology; a result of our 13 years’ experience in plastic extrusions and composite doors. A unique direct replacement for timber, the vinyl based cellular thermoplastic extrusion has been developed to offer most of the advantages of timber, whilst removing many of the disadvantages.

And that is exactly why we, at Rocal Group, now use RocFoam in all of our composite doors, as well as our moisture resistant internal doors too.  Endurance Doors, part of the Rocal Group, is now a firm favourite for composite doors in the UK, with a design system available and the solid timber core; high security and bespoke looks are just a few of the many unique attributes of our doors.

RocFoam plastic extrusions

RocFoam is lightweight, and as well as being resistant to expansion when exposed to moisture, it is also resistant to changes in temperature, making it the perfect material for all environments. Internally fitted at the base of the doors, our immaculately finished product is definitely one of a kind.

In particular, our moisture resistant doors have been popular within student accommodation, hospitality, retail and leisure and many more industries, with RocFoam itself proving popular among the caravan industry. Now, in high demand with the public and trade within the housing industry, RocFoam is quickly replacing timber as the main material within fixtures and frames.

Find out more about how you can have a moisture resistant door, or how RocFoam can be incorporated into your products!