Plastic Extrusions within the Leisure Home Industry

Plastic Extrusions

Plastic extrusions leisure industryWe all use plastic extrusions in our day to day life without realising it. Today, with clever new machinery and techniques, more and more sections of production are switching to plastic due to its durable and lightweight qualities.

One industry in particular taking advantage of plastic extrusions is leisure homes.

Used in a wide range of industries, the plastic extrusion process dates back to the early 19th century and continues to be improved upon and perfected year after year by leading companies and innovators such as our team at Rocal Extrusions. The main advantage of plastic extrusions is that they can be produced in a continuous shape or profile.

What Products are Created using Plastic Extrusion?

plastic extrusions in leisure home industry
You may not know this, but you come across products created from plastic extrusions on a regular basis.
Solid shapes: This covers items such as plastic decking, outdoor furniture and park benches. There is a long list of items that are created in this way which can be found in retail, hospitality, business and lots more.
Profile shapes: Windshield wipers, plastic rain deflectors and gutters and automotive trim are all examples of profile shapes created using plastic extrusion. Day to day items that you come across regularly are made using plastic extrusion. In the leisure home industry, you’ll find a range of items from furniture to decking and railings to window fittings made from plastic extrusions.

What Makes ROCAL The Perfect Choice for Plastic Extrusions?

We are a company that never stands still. We have constantly evolved and diversified over the past 10 years, advancing the products we provide and the way in which we make them. We not only manufacture a variety of plastic extrusions, but we also provide custom tooling alongside a range of finishes, colours, wrapping and secondary operations.

Because of this innovative approach, our plastic extrusions are found within a range of industries including building and construction, engineering, lighting, the medical industry, office furniture, transport and much more.

Adding colour to molten plastics in the extrusion application series means that you can gain the exact shade, colour and texture that you need to blend with the property surroundings or stand out to make a statement. Therefore, our plastic extrusions are an excellent addition to any project that requires a high end finish.

Why Our Plastic Extrusions are used within the Leisure Home Industry

In the walls, ceiling and furniture, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the different components apart, but here at Rocal Extrusions, our custom tooling facilities mean we can create bespoke profiles for even the most awkward of places!Our flexible trims ensure corners are neatly cushioned for a sleek, safe edging. Our rigid plastic extrusions give a strong, durable platform to build upon. As an addition, our online and offline wrapping machinery means this seasons trend can be transferred onto extrusions to either blend in, or a special effect to stand out.

In the last few years, Rocal Extrusion’s unique RocFoam has replaced timber within leisure home frames. It has moisture resistant properties that prevent warping of the frames due to water ingress and the advantages over timber include no knows and a good screw holding. This makes RocFoam the ideal material to create a stable, lightweight and moisture resistant end product.

Whether you need flexible or rigid tubes or profiles, we can extrude or co-extrude a wide range of materials and colours for your exact needs and requirements. With a range of lengths and sizes depending on your specification, Rocal Extrusions can help.

Get A Quote for your Plastic Extrusion Needs

Rocal Extrusions caters to all industries and businesses of all sizes. Never assume that your project is too complex or too small for us! Plastic extrusions are our business and we offer an extensive and continually expanding range of standard plastic extrusion profiles as well as bespoke made to your length and colour.

Our plastic extrusions are manufactured to order in a short timescale with excellent lead times. You can trust in Rocal Extrusions to provide the best solution for your project needs.

We can custom design and make the tools in house to save time and provide you with a cost-effective and durable solution that is created from concept to completion.

If you know what you’re looking for and simply need a price for your plastic extrusions, why not send us your drawing and we’ll provide a free quote within 24 hours?

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