Launch of Rain Deflector in 17 Colours!

Launching rain deflectors

We are pleased to announce that Rocal Extrusions have launched their Rain Deflector to the trade available in ready-to-use packs.

Our diverse range of colours are guaranteed to perfectly complement composite and uPVC doors! The lack of colours to choose from is no longer an issue, as Rocal offer 17 shades to choose from.

The new product provides an opportunity to ensure consistency with your modern door design. Matching the tones and hues to add a seamless look that creates the ultimate end result.

Whether you are fitting your Rain Deflectors to a composite or uPVC door it will help to further define your doors from the rest. Our Rain Deflectors are intelligently designed to make for an excellent addition to a range of types of door.

We have a range of Rain Deflectors that are extremely popular and sought after. Get in touch to place your order today.

Plastic extrusions are found in a number of products and industries, with plastic becoming ever popular due to its lightweight and flexible properties.

Rain Deflectors Offering a Flexible and Practical Solution

Our new packs mean you have the flexibility to order several different colours at once, and also receive the matching end caps and screws needed for easy assembly. Our Rain Deflectors are available as individual ready-made packs of a 900mm length (included are matching end caps, and 4 x screws), or at lengths cut to your preferred size*.

Creating a barrier from the weather and other moisture, our cleverly designed Rain Deflectors are super quick and easy to attach onto doors. We provide everything you need for a straightforward and stress-free installation.

This finishing touch brings a practical and classy addition to your doors, and won’t stand out as aluminium or plain white rain deflectors would.

Blending perfectly with your door design, it is a discreet and attractive addition that is durable and adept at deflecting rain.

Rocal Extrusions have created a product that combines exceptional functionality with a clean finish, creating an excellent balance.

*Lengths cut to size are subject to MOQ’s.

The Benefits of Rain Deflectors

Adding a Rain Deflector to the door will successfully deflect rain away from the bottom of your doors. Created to specifically deflect the weather and any moisture, they prevent your door from warping at the bottom, over time.

They are a brilliant additional feature to add to the structure of a door, in particular, entrance doors that are exposed to the elements all year round.

Our Rain Deflectors are robust and resilient, able to cope with adverse and unpredictable weather conditions.

Our Rain Deflectors are expertly crafted and will fit your exact needs. Select from ready-made packs of 900mm lengths, or get in touch about specific lengths that you require.

When you order your Rain Deflectors, the matching end caps, and 4 screws will be included so that you can assemble and install it as soon as you like.

Our plastic extrusions are used in a range of industries from building and construction, engineering, retail to sports and leisure. Find out more about our products and services here.

Cost-Effective Rain Deflectors with Swift Delivery Times

The competitive cost of our Rain Deflectors, even in low quantities, ensure you are saving money as well as time. You will no longer have to send your Rain Deflectors to be sprayed, reducing waiting time so that you can receive them quickly.

Getting your Rain Deflectors from Rocal Extrusions means you won’t have to buy all of the components separately, again saving time and money!

You can receive your Rain Deflectors in a swift manner ready to assemble as soon as possible.

Don’t delay, add that finishing touch to your entrance door today!

Innovative and Advanced Plastic Extrusions

We are always looking to expand and improve on our product range which is why we’re able to launch new products such as the Rain Deflector, to the fenestration industry. We take innovation and design seriously, and when it comes to our Rain Deflectors, we have combined intelligent design with a pleasing finish. Another recent innovation of ours is RocFoam, which you can find out more about today.

We can help with rigid plastic extrusions, flexible plastic extrusions and co extruded plastic profiles.

We also have standard plastic profiles available that are ready to order.

Our custom tooling means that we can produce a variety of standard plastic profiles, enabling us to turn your order around quicker than many of our competitors.


Find Out More About ROCAL Extrusions Rain Deflectors

Contact us today for more information about our Rain Deflector product. If you’d like to order free samples, simply visit our contact page to send us a message. Our expert team will be happy to answer any questions you have and help with your needs and requirements.

If you have any questions or queries, or you’d simply like to get in touch, feel free to make an enquiry today.