RocFoam properties

Designed as a direct replacement of timber, RocFoam has multiple applications within a wide range of industries! A vinyl based cellular thermoplastic extrusion, RocFoam can be supplied to your bespoke project and will alleviate many disadvantages that timber possesses.

RocFoam’s lightweight and moisture resistant properties create an all-weather resilient material– making it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor uses. It will not rot and is not susceptible to water ingress or expanding. It doesn’t matter if you use rocfoamRocFoam hidden within your product, or on the exterior as it can be painted to your desired colour to blend in. And without the knots and inconsistencies which timber has, you know you’ll have a strong, consistent material to use within your production.

Applications for RocFoam include being a moisture resistant barrier within doors, for outdoor furniture, within frames in motorhomes and other leisure homes, bases for outdoor buildings and any other uses of timber! Planed or unplaned, we can manufacture to any length and already have a range of sizes readily available, including rebated sections.

Choose RocFoam for creating a sustainable product and to eliminate your issues with timber.

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