Lets Wrap It Up!

wrapping plastic extrusion

Woodgrain, embossed, speckled or gloss? We can wrap your plastic extrusion so it’s perfectly placed in your finished project! Gone are the days of a plastic corner or H-section sticking out like a sore thumb with their block colours; you can now have a high-quality extrusion that makes your end result stand out from the rest. As the desire for unique and modern designs rapidly increases, we can provide you with the right product to make your customers heads turn.wrap

Here at Rocal Extrusions, we have both online and offline wrapping for your plastic extrusion which means that we can save time and be more efficient as your extrusions can be made here, and wrapped within one process, then swiftly delivered to your factory. One of our most popular wrapped product is flexible t-trim which can be foiled to create a sleek edging on your end product – perfect for interior or furnishings!

Have your own extrusions to wrap? You can send us your profiles, and we can wrap them here at Rocal Extrusions and then deliver them back. This can include skirting, architrave, window board and more, and because of our facilities to slice wraps into various sizes, you can send us more than one profile at a time. Turn away from heavy and easily damaged MDF and aluminium profiles, and let us use our expertise to make your own custom designed tool for a rigid or flexible plastic extrusion.

With a huge variety of wraps and foils we already stock, alongside others we can order to create your wrapped plastic extrusions – the ability to create a bespoke custom profile with a unique finishing touch lies within Rocal Extrusions.

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