Designing Custom Profiles

plastic extrusion machinery

It seems so easy to order standard plastic extrusions which you have to bend and change to fit into your product, and then have to pay the same expensive price to go through the process again!

But what happens when you don’t want to be standard, and want your own custom tool which slots perfectly into place each time? That’s when our low-cost custom tooling for plastic extrusions comes in.

Working with our experienced production team to design and create your own custom tool for a profile you can order over and over again – it’s super simple.

  • First, come to us with your concept or design, what key features does it need to have
  • We’ll advise you on shape, measurements and material to ensure its fully customised to your production.
  • Choose your colour and finish, and if you want tape – we can add that too.
  • Our toolmaker will draw your design up and send it back to you for approval.
  • Tooling only takes up to 4 working weeks to engineer, and when completed, we’ll send the trials to you.
  • Happy? This is now a profile you can order over and over again! Change your colour and finish to adapt to your product or stick with the same!

Here at Rocal Extrusions, we really can take care of everything – it couldn’t be easier to get your plastic extruded profiles from us.

With rigid and flexible plastic extrusion services available too, you can find the right product to meet your needs.

With our secondary operations and custom tooling services taking place on-site too,  you’ll enjoy faster lead times and save money as well.

We don’t outsource because we don’t need to. Our team will offer their advice and expertise throughout the process.


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