Custom-Made Plastic Extrusions

Green Custom Made

There are a lot of plastic extrusion manufacturers in the UK, all with different systems and some services. However, the difference that separates us from the others is our capabilities to tailor your orders precisely to what you need. Whether you are looking for a one-off run, or consistent repeat orders, we understand your passion for being unique.

custom made tooling
That is exactly why we pride ourselves on giving you a bespoke service; which starts with your ideas. This means, you can stop looking around for an extrusion that “might fit” or “will just have to do”. And you can stop paying for an overpriced stocked product in unnecessary large quantities. Instead, you can work with our established Rocal Extrusions team, which includes a highly experienced tool-maker, and the facility to colour match for that perfect touch, to create your individual product.

Beginning with CAD design to design your profile, we work with you to get the best measurements, flexibility and strength suitable for its use. With experience in almost all industries, you can be sure we can assist you at each stage. And when the tool is made – it’s yours to keep making repeat orders! You can change the colour, wrap/foil or tape applied at any order, it couldn’t be simpler.

With industries such as modular buildings having a higher demand to be built quicker with a higher quality, the leisure home industry booming, and UK Manufacturing at its highest for 10 years, it is clear that the UK is leaning away from outsourcing, and towards these high-quality UK made products.

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